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Geyer-Schulz, Andreas and Meyer-Waarden, Lars (2014), Consumer Empowerment: What and Why?, Customer & Service Systems, Customer Empowerment 1(1), 1 - 17

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Geyer-Schulz, Andreas and Meyer-Waarden, Lars
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Articles in this Publication:

Author(s) Title Pages Download Export Citation
Geyer-Schulz, Andreas and Meyer-Waarden, Lars Consumer Empowerment: What and Why? 1–17 Get Article Export BibTeX
Castéran, Herbert and Meyer-Waarden, Lars The Long-Term Impact of Sales Promotions on Customer Equity 21–26 Get Article Export BibTeX
Dekhili, Sihem and Ghesquiere, Chantal Connan The "Pay What You Want" Pricing Policy: Power Sharing or Communication Action? 27–31 Get Article Export BibTeX
Eggert, Andreas, Garnefeld, Ina and Steinhoff, Lena How Profound Is the Allure of Endowed Status in Hierarchical Loyalty Programs? 33–38 Get Article Export BibTeX
Geyer-Schulz, Andreas and Ovelgönne, Michael Recent Advances in Modularity Optimization and Their Application in Retailing 39–50 Get Article Export BibTeX
Bilstein, Nicola, Hogreve, Jens, Sichtmann, Christina and Fahr, René Paying For a Higher Workload? The Relation Between Customer's Co-Production and Willingness to Pay 51–55 Get Article Export BibTeX
Habel, Johannes and Klarmann, Martin Mass Layoffs: When and How Do They Affect Customer Satisfaction? 57–60 Get Article Export BibTeX
Meyer-Waarden, Lars and Sabadie, William Complaint Management and the Role of Relationship Quality 61–70 Get Article Export BibTeX
Munzel, Andreas and Kunz, Werner H. Customer-to-Customer Interactions within Online Review Sites: A Typology of Contributors 71–77 Get Article Export BibTeX
N'Goala, Gilles and Morrongiello, Caroline Converting Opinion Seekers in Opinion Givers in the Tourism Industry: Building Trust is Critical! 79–92 Get Article Export BibTeX
Pallud, Jessie How Web 2.0 Tools Impact The Museum-Visitor Relationship 93–103 Get Article Export BibTeX
Plotkina, Daria and Munzel, Andreas What's New With You? On the Moderating Effect of Product Novelty on eWOM Effectiveness 105–116 Get Article Export BibTeX
Roederer, Claire and Filser, Marc e-Voicing an Opinion on a Brand -- A Research Agenda 117–127 Get Article Export BibTeX
Simon, Françoise, Ghesquiere, Chantal Connan and Tossan, Vesselina The Contribution of Gratitude to Satisfaction Models for Complaining Customers 129–134 Get Article Export BibTeX
Sonnenbichler, Andreas C. Social Access Control 135–147 Get Article Export BibTeX
Steinhoff, Lena and Palmatier, Robert W. Three Perspectives for Making Loyalty Programs More Effective 149–154 Get Article Export BibTeX
Vernette, Eric and Hamdi-Kidar, Linda Lead-Users vs. Emergent Nature Consumers for Marketing Co-Creation: Are They Really Different? 155–165 Get Article Export BibTeX